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From the Dollars & Sense blog:

  • Our Latest Issue | August 1
  • Review of Thomas Frank's pcvpn免费 | July 29
  • Dating the Recession | June 19
  • The Murder of George Floyd and My Segregated Youth | June 16
  • New: Annual Labor Issue | June 4
  • Capitalism's Surveillance Squeeze | May 31
  • Richard Vague on Credit Expansion and Land Speculation | May 26

Recent posts»

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    Gin Armstrong and Derek Seidman | July 21

    The lavish overfunding of the police goes beyond public money. | Read more »

  • dr. dollar logo

    Essential—and Expendable—Mexican Labor

    Mateo Crossa and James M. Cypher | July 10

    On both sides of the border, Mexican workers are now essential—to U.S. corporations. | Read more »

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    Local, or Far Away?


    Economists tend to assume that the sole goal of our economic activity is to get things as cheaply possible. But outside the narrow world of economics, people care about a lot of other things. | Read more »

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    Alejandro Reuss | June 25

    Part 2 of a joint series in Labor Notes and D&S: “Coronavirus, Capitalism, and the Workers’ Movement”
    | Read more »

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    Police Violence Is Enabled by
    ‘Liberal’ Politicians’ Massive Spending

    Sonali Kolhatkar | June 18

    George Floyd’s death proves again why America needs to defund bloated and militarized police departments. | Read more »

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    Marshall Auerback | June 18

    The refusal of the federal government to contemplate per capita revenue distributions means that more radical measures need to be considered by the state governments. | Read more »

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    Growth, Growth, Growth: What Will Happen?

    Arthur MacEwan | June 11

    The issues of fossil fuel-based growth, economic inequality, and firms’ externalization of pollutants will remain important issues after the COVID-19 crisis starts to fade from our daily lives. | Read more »

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    Nicole Aschoff | June 4

    App jobs are a testing ground for companies to see how much they can force workers, consumers, and governments to take on the costs of production. | Read more »

  • thumb

    Guaranteed Unemployment
    or Guaranteed Employment?

    Pavlina Tcherneva | May 14

    The avalanche of job losses today and mass unemployment tomorrow are of our own making. But there is another option. | Read more »

  • thumb

    The Most Important Economic Lesson
    from the COVID-19 Crisis

    Yeva Nersisyan and L. Randall Wray | May 4

    It’s time to ditch “pay-for” politics. | 免费的pcvpn

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    Not Just a “Natural Disaster”

    Alejandro Reuss | April 25

    Part 1 of a new joint series in pcvpn免费 and D&S: “Coronavirus, Capitalism, and the Workers’ Movement”
    | Read more »

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    Neoliberalism as Neocolonialism

    Jayati Ghosh | April 14

    A contribution to our series on the history of neoliberalism, updated by the author in light of the current crisis. | Read more »

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    The Fed and the Coronavirus Crisis

    Gerald Epstein | April 3

    We must not keep underwriting the bloated and unproductive global financial system—helping it to lurch, prosper, and crash, from crisis to crisis. | Read more »

  • thumb

    The Coronavirus Consensus:
    “Spend, Spend, Spend”

    Gerald Epstein | March 27

    The apparent consensus among macroeconomists is a step in the right direction. But it leaves open what the money should be spent on, through what institutions it should be delivered, and in the service of whom. | Read more »

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    Coronavirus: A Capitalist Crisis

    Richard D. Wolff | March 22

    The catastrophe demonstrates the results when public health is subordinate to private profit and to a governmental apparatus that adulates the superiority of private over public administration. | Read more »

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    Social Insurance in a Time of Pandemic

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    A Proposal for the Government to Act as Buyer of Last Resort | Read more »

Special to the Web:

  • thumb

    Top Eleven D&S Graphs of 2018

    DOLLARS & SENSE | December 31

    From deindustrialization to guard labor to the tepid global recovery, the best graphs (and scariest data) of 2018. With a nod to Nigel Tufnel, we’re cranking it up to eleven! Read more »

  • Luxemburg thumb

    Rosa Luxemburg and the Growth of the Labor Movement

    Gerald Friedman | January 15, 2016

    On the 97th anniversary of her death, an account of the importance of Luxemburg’s ideas for labor organizing. | Read more »

  • EcononFAQs logo

    Debt and Development

    Alejandro Reuss | December 4, 2015

    If debt is a “trap” for developing countries, is there any way around it? | Read more »

  • pcvpn免费

    Thirty Years of Farm Aid


    Reflections on Farm Aid by insiders as the organization supporting family farms celebrates its 30th anniversary. | Read more »

Earlier web-only articles, mostly on the financial crisis, dating back to December 2007.

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